Meet the Pole Fitness Studio Family!

Learn from the pole dancing experts in Las Vegas.


Fawnia Mondey, everyone’s pole mommy.

Canadian born Fawnia Mondey is the pioneer of pole dancing instruction as she produced the world’s first instructional video on how to pole dance. Since her start in ‘94 Fawnia lost over 40 pounds from pole dancing and produced seven instructional DVDs on how to pole dance, striptease, resistance training, and personally taught thousands of people worldwide. In 2005 Fawnia moved her exotic dance school to Las Vegas and opened ‘Pole Fitness Studio.’ With her 25+ years experience teaching, Fawnia is a respected judge for pole competitions around the world at the highest of levels, Fawnia wrote the Pole Dance Instructors Certification course, and forward for The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Exotic and Pole Dancing. As a model Fawnia has also appeared in four special editions of Playboy plus their Girls of Canada calendar and in countless fitness publications such as Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness, Planet Fitness plus landed the cover of Muscle Mag International. In 2012 Fawnia created and hosted, Pole Expo, which has quickly grown to be the worlds largest gathering of pole dancers in Las Vegas.

Kevin Adams.jpeg

Kevin adams

Pole Fitness Studio is Kevin’s home away from home. Made in New York City, Kevin attended the School for Performing Arts and discovered dance, which led to his professional concert performing career on cruise ships for seven years. Kevin has had the pleasure of visiting seventy five percent of the world while on tour, and it was in Budapest, Hungary that he was introduced to the beautiful world of pole dancing. He immediately gravitated to the sensuality, gracefulness, and full body workout of being a pole dancer. Now living in Las Vegas, Kevin is studying and teaching under the guidance of Fawnia Mondey and her family of instructors.


Jenny Bascos

Jenny Bascos has been a teacher of pole art and fitness for nearly 10 years. Formerly a dancer with the Metropolitan Opera of New York as well as a 300 hour certified yoga instructor in the Jivamukti method, she initially discovered pole while working out at her local gym facility. She was immediately drawn in by the physical challenges pole fitness offered and intrigued with its artistic potential. She continued to train pole at New York Pole Dance, Body and Pole, and Pole Fitness Studio in Las Vegas. In 2010 she moved to Las Vegas where she became a teacher at Pole Fitness Studio under Fawnia Mondey. Pole has been a long time passion for Jenny and she derives great joy from working with students; helping them to increase their movement vocabulary, fine tune their technique, and become increasingly more fluid with transitions on the pole. She aspires to instill a sense of joy, confidence and freedom of expression through movement. Jenny continues to reside in Las Vegas teaching pole fitness, dance, yoga and more recently, partner acrobatics (AcroYoga). She believes that by facilitating a class atmosphere balanced with strength, curiosity, and playfulness, students are encouraged to explore their optimum physical potential while also finding space for personal creative expression and growth.

Alli Carroll.jpeg

Alli Carroll

Alli Carroll is a choreographer, dancer, urban burlesque performer, video model & fitness teacher.  Originally from Missouri, Alli began training in jazz, ballet & gymnastics at 5 years old. Eventually she found & fell in love with hip hop, which has become her home. Alli was introduced to burlesque while performing in the Kansas City Fringe Festival. This form of dance instantly became a favorite form of artistic expression, which led to the birth of her urban burlesque persona, AlliZen James. Then she found pole fitness while teaching dance in St. Louis, MO and things got really exciting. Being a woman of many styles & genres, she now travels, teaches & performs nationally combining all of her versatile movements to put on a show & help empower others!  She will take you on an exhilarating ride that will pull out your grace & beauty, as well as your sass, sex appeal & ratchetness!  For the last three years, she's been teaching Twerkout, Video Vixen, Jazz/Burlesque, Hip Hop, Pole 1 & Sexy Chair classes throughout Missouri, Kansas & Colorado! She's been backup dancing & performing in festivals, drag shows, rap shows & making music videos with artists such as KStylis & Bill"C"Dadon, but she is now in Las Vegas to take it to the next level, as she learns from and teaches with the best in the business, at Pole Fitness Studio of course! Come take a class with Alli at Pole Fitness Studio!


Sara Deanna

Sara Doyle started doing yoga when she was 17 years old. She instantly fell in love with the physical aspects of it, but later on decided to get her certification to teach because of the mental and emotional healing aspects of yoga. She knew yoga had something amazing that she needed to share with people. Sara recently completed her RYT 500 hour certification and is pursuing another RYT 300 hour course that covers the psychology of yoga, meditation, and chakra theory.
Sara started pole dancing at Pole Fitness Studio in October of 2014. She started it for fun, but soon decided it was something she wanted to excel at because of the physical and mental challenges it brings. To Sara, pole dancing is empowering and she can't wait to obtain her certification to teach so she can share that feeling with others. 


Kerri Ann Friedman

Kerri Ann has been a dancer on and off her whole life.  She first experienced dance through ice-skating at the age of three and continued until she was 15.  Intermittently during her ice-skating, she has studied jazz, ballet, and gymnastics.  Her dance experience further extended itself to social dances like ballroom, country 2-step, and ballroom dances as she grew older.  She feels that all of these various genres of dance have not only contributed to her pole dancing and instructional style, but they have allowed her to realize how unique pole dancing is to all of them.
Apart from being a pole dance instructor and soon to be competitor in various national stages for Pole Dancing, she is also the Technical operations manager for Pole Expo.  She is also a successful Entertainment technician and carpenter for various Las Vegas companies including: Cirque du Soleil, The Smith Center of the Performing Arts, PRG, MGM Grand Arena, etc. Her whole life has revolved around performance and entertainment. It’s about time she has taken it upon herself to perform as well!


Trixie Lovett

1997 brought Trixie to Las Vegas from her family home in Oregon, and she capitalized on the dancing opportunities the City of Entertainment afforded her. Trixie began dancing at The Aladdin (now Planet Hollywood), but in time found she yearned for more dancing freedom.  Now working with the world-famous Fawnia Mondey, Trixie is the longest tenured instructor at the internationally known Pole Fitness Studio.  She is the Master Lap Dance Certification Instructor, which certifies dance instructors on proper teaching technique and fundamental instruction procedures. Trixie is also an AFAA nationally certified Personal Trainer who enjoys practicing yoga in her free time.  She graduated from the College of Southern Nevada with High Honors in Communication. She has been featured on several local television programs as well as in the national newspaper USA Today. When not at the studio, Trixie enjoys going on dates with her husband and spending time with her Potbelly pigs.“Trixie is one of our most requested instructors for birthday and bachelorette parties, and for good reason. Trixie is funny, welcoming, and with her sweet & sassy style, students ask for her each time they are in Las Vegas.”- Pole Fitness Studio


Imani Montoya

Imani has been dancing all her life. She is trained in Folklorico, Jazz and armature ballet. This Texan has experience in pole but was first introduced to Zumba, Bokwa, Mixxed Fit and the ever fabulous Burlesque the Workout when she moved to Las Vegas in 2013. 
Before moving here, “the gym” and “working out” were words that made her cringe; they were a chores she had to do. But after being lead to the concept of dancing for fitness, her whole world changed. Fitness is now Amazing, Energetic, and Fun! 
It wasn’t long ago that she was an unhappy, unhealthy size 10 shy girl. Now she is a happy, healthy size 2 confident woman. She’s motivated to continue to improve her fitness and skills; Pole Fitness is a big part of that.


Brenda Reese-Quaife 

BrendaSince the age of three I grew up in my grandmother's and mother's dance studio training in all genres of dance! By the age of 16 I became a professional dancer as well as I began teaching my own dance classes in Arizona. Shortly thereafter I moved to Las Vegas and dove further into my professional dance career at the age of 19. Showcasing in 12 shows as well as Go-Go-ing in close to every single night club on the strip. I have been in shows from Jubilee to 'X Burlesque' and everything in between. And have Go-Go danced in party venues all across the Las Vegas strip.
After performing in Vegas for just a few years I was picked up to dance in a band called '51Fifty'. We traveled the world! We were sponsored by UFC, Monster energy and Tribal Gear. We toured for seven years where I got to Go-Go dance my booty off! Making a mark on the Go Go community that was my own! 
It didn't take long before I fell deeply in love with not just dancing but Fitness of all nature. I recently hung up the ol' g-string and became a personal trainer, dance teacher & nutritionist. 


Dani Mitchell

Dani Mitchell is originally from Memphis, TN. She started her dance background as a competitive figure skater at the age of seven. At 18, Dani signed her first contract as a professional with shows including Disney on Ice, Cypress Gardens, Lily Langtry's, Festival on Ice, Snoopy's Summer Vacation, Magic on Ice, and others. In 2013 she moved to Las Vegas and found a passion for pole dancing when she signed up for a class she saw online. From then on Dani has been hooked, performing around town and internationally. She was selected to compete in the Felix Cane Pole Championships (2015) in Perth, Australia. Dani went to her first pole-dancing retreat "StripCastle" in Glasgow, Scotland in 2017. She loves sharing her knowledge of pole and her exotic dance style with her students and pushes her students to see their true potential. She’s also a Liquid Motion certified instructor. Dani had the pleasure of performing as a feature in "Pole Show LA" in Las Vegas/ Sep 2017 for Pole Expo weekend and is now an employee for the new NHL Hockey team the Vegas Golden Knights as an Ice Girl for the inaugural season. 


Casey Quaife 

Casey Quaife is a fitness coach and disabled U.S. Army Veteran. While on active duty in 2000, he was injured with a pinched nerve, resulting in a major spinal surgery, at the age of 20!
Casey knows the struggles of battling weight loss and addictions. He has overcome them by building a fitness program and utilizing certain key concepts, he’s acquired from his service years.
To date, Casey has lost nearly 50lbs by diversifying his workouts on a daily basis, whilst incorporating Krav Maga. He's turned his life around and is ready to delve into fitness and Powerhouse you into a Happier, Healthier, Stronger you!



Erika Schwarz

Erika was born and raised on stage, hence why she feels like the world is her stage. Her heart for the performing arts developed around the age of seven when she first started to compete in Show choir and perform in musicals such as Annie, White Christmas, Alice in Wonderland and Phantom of the Opera. Along side that she grew up on horses and pursued a variety of sports throughout her life. Around the age of 24 she met Jenyne Butterfly on a night out and was introduced to the new art form of pole dancing. A beautiful friendship and mutual love of pole as thrived on ever since then. Through the years, Erika has developed an other strong foundation of the aerial arts, which propelled her into many shows and concerts debuting her love of pole and aerial arts. She's been a featured aerialist for such shows as "Bite", "Rose Rabbit Lie" and corporate events in venues along the entire strip and country. Moreover, she has been a featured entertainer who's created and performed pole acts and aerial acts for Planet Hollywood's "Sin City Comedy" show, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, award shows for the Cosmopolitan in "the Chelsea", The Smiths Center, Insomniac events, and night club venues such as "Gallery", "Marquee", and "Bond Bar". Now she still performs in aerial programs along the strip, corporate events, and has been teaching aerial classes and pole classes as well as getting back to an old love of singing and taking up a new passion for hand-balancing and acro yoga.


Tara Starr

Miss Nevada Universal Dream 2013, CF-L1 Trainer, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and competitive athlete Tara Starr, was born in Palo Alto, CA, and raised in the beautiful city of Manila, Philippines. A Vegas resident since August 2011, she discovered the art of pole through Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson: Immortal” show. 

With an extensive background in performance arts and fitness, Tara’s strength as an instructor lies in her enthusiasm, flexibility, and general badassery. She views every single one of her students as an athlete, constantly pushing them outside of their comfort zones in order to help them realize their greatest possible potential.


Jasmine Valencia

Jasmine is a variety act performer and instructor specializing in hula hoops. Her talent was passed down from 11 generations of circus performers. Her mother won the Guiness World Record in 1980 for hula hooping 80 hula hoops at once at the Tropicana Casino. Jasmine has traveled across the country on circus shows such as Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey, Circus Vargas, and more. Today she calls Las Vegas her home and Pole Fitness Studio her family as she teaches fun HulaHoop Fitness Classes. Learn body hooping, multi-hoop tricks, as well as LED Hooping in a happy and friendly environment. All skill levels are welcome. Become a happy hooper next Sunday with Jasmine!


Lauren Levine

Owner of PoleDanceFit, Inc., Lauren Levine actively pursues the development of innovative and effective exercise techniques. Her certifications include ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer & Functional Training Specialist. With specialties in Pole and Aerial, the motivating environment she creates in her classes along with her attention to each student as an individual allows participants of all levels to overcome boundaries and achieve results. Lauren loves teaching classes & seminars and performing while promoting pole and aerial dance as an empowering art form.


Jasmine Nyrita

Jasmine Nyrita is a dancer, singer, and full time mother. She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana where she took up gymnastics for 3 years. When Jasmine moved to Austin, Texas where she became very versatile in every aspect of performing arts. She took theatre, show choir, and dance in high school all 4 years. She went to Austin Community College and got into the dance department as well. She then moved to Vegas with her family and began her journey in pole dancing in 2015 and has been been her passion ever since. She brings a fun personality and a boost of confidence to every class! Get ready to have fun with this choir nerd slash drama geek and dance the night away!