Are you celebrating a bachelorette party? How about your friend’s birthday? Or are you and a few friends getting together for a girls night out in Las Vegas?

It’s not so much what you are celebrating but rather knowing your interests that will make your party choices, right for you.

Since my move to Las Vegas in October 2005 I have seen more than my share of midday mornings. You know the feeling when you are approaching the clubs exit doors, the music is still going strong, and as you push the doors open, you are greeted by a light so unforgettably bright, if you didn’t feel so off your rocker, you would have thought surly you were walking towards the lights of heaven. Las Vegas has bright lights at night and day. I am here to tell you about my experience with the Las Vegas night life, and to help you decide where your next visit will be when you tour the wonderful world of Sin City!

Where does the time go?! Partying in Las Vegas is somehow never ending. Here are three perfect examples of a typical night in Las Vegas. Well I guess typical depends on you. Let’s find out what sort of clubbing experience awaits you in Vegas!

Ask yourself these five questions: 

  • What type of music do you and your friends like?
    A) Hip Hop B) House C) Top 40 D) Rock E) Country F) Love it all
  • Where do you prefer to sit at the club?
    A) Sit at the bar and have a couple drinks B) I want a table and bottle C) I am fine standing, and walking around
  • How often do you dance when going out?
    A) Never B) Occasionally C) Often D) Shake that Booty!
  • How late do you like to stay out?
    Return by 9:00pm after dinner
    Return by 11:00pm after the show
    Return by 2:00am enjoyed the club
    Return by 5:00am closed the club
    Return by 10am afterhours rocked
    Return by 6:00pm next day baked poolside
  • What do you like to drink?
    Just soda for me
    Vodka cranberry
    Beer baby

It’s not so important that you answered that questions above. What is important is that you know that while in Las Vegas you can have virtually anything you want at any time! It’s up to you to know when to move on, or call it a night. Here are three night life experiences, closing at different times. Which scenario do you see yourself in the most?

Not too late
This is your first trip to Las Vegas and you are joined by your closest friends from high school and your future mother-in-law. Your sister is in charge of your bachelorette party and is suggesting having a pole dancing party. Though you have never tried pole dancing you have heard how fun it is and thought this would be a great way to start off the night and break the ice between friends and future family.

6:30pm Dinner at N9NE steakhouse at The Palms Hotel. Gorgeous streamlined and white, the services are five star and so is their food and wines.

9:00pm Pole Dancing Party at Fawnia’s Pole Fitness Studio. Despite one of your friends uncertainly with the idea of pole dancing, they and your soon to be mother-in-law had the time of their life! “This will be my highlight of our trip!” you shout out, and everyone cheers in agreement. You love your free “I Love Pole Dancing” tank top, and decide to wear it to the club.

10:30pm Your entire group has VIP passes to clubs Moon and Playboy at The Palms Hotel. With your name on the guest list, you all strut pass the line with free entry and enjoy free champagne until 11:00. Feeling the music, you move to their enormous dance floor and groove to hip hop and mixed top 40. Your sister however loves house music and she finds herself in heaven next door in Club Moon’s mini house room.

12:00am Change of scenery as you move down one level to the Playboy Club to play a game of black jack with a Playboy Bunny. Yes and you win big!

2:00am Back up at Moon, you are dancing literally under the moon as the ceiling opens to revile the moon!

2:30am Satisfied with dinner, dancing and your big win, you all return to your hotel for a perfect nights rest. It’s important to you that you make it to brunch and your spa massages tomorrow!

Closing the club
Your group decided to try Vegas from Friday to Tuesday and take advantage of various venues that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you on say a Saturday night which you all managed to take relatively easy. Your best friend from college is getting married and it’s also the birthday of two other friends in your group. This weekend there are three reasons to party in Las Vegas!

While some party goers are soaking up the sun while recovering from last night’s adventure, your groups Vegas experience starts today; Sunday.

2:00pm Enjoy Treatment at Palms Place Drift Spa where each ladies does the “Primp” & Proper, featuring a 25 minute facial, manicure and pedicure, wash and style and make-up application! We all look super hot and can’t wait to hit the town.

4:30pm Staying within Palms Place you take your seats for an early yet deliciously perfect dinner at Simon restaurant in their Herb private dining room.

6:30pm Across the street you experience a Pole Dancing Party at Fawnia’s Pole Fitness Studio!! There are 11 of you having them time of your life learning sexy walks, spins and crawls, plus a unique lap dancing flip taught by the one and only Rebecca (featured in the LA Times). The three ladies of honor receive a complimentary “I Love Pole Dancing” tank top and everyone else bought one for themselves.

9:00pm The Men of Sapphires awaits your group. Enjoy the only fully choreographed male review in Las Vegas that includes lap dances! A free limo picks your party up from Palms and delivers your group in style, to the worlds larges strip club. Walking past the line your table awaits and you all cheers to a round of free shots, and head to the open bar. During the show the bachelorette is brought on stage and enjoys a rather naughty lap dance in front of the entire crowd! What a wild show and I love how you can get up close and personal with the male strippers.

11:30pm You have heard great things about Club XS at Encore Hotel, in that they have 12 dance poles disguised as lamp shades, and a dance floor that leads outside to their European pool. So you choose XS over Tryst which is inside the Wynn Hotel next door. Club XS is incredible with lush, shimmering finishes, and a meticulously planned sound system, combined and serial three dimensional imagery, creating a fantasy of sight, sound and touch. You have to visit XS. Their guest list is available Sunday and Monday nights through Pole Fitness Studio or VIP host Bennie Munoz. Time flies with a blink of an eye, and next thing you know XS is closing.

4:00am Well you notice that you are more than tipsy and have the photos of evidence to prove you remembered a thing or two about how to work a stripper pole.

4:30am Half of your group heads back to Palms Place for some shut eye, while you and the others decide to get a bite to eat at Peppermill Restaurant on Las Vegas Blvd. Open 24 hours Peppermill has a massive menu sure to satisfy every late night palate.

5:30am Taxi back to Palms Place with a full tummy, and experienced feet. You danced your heart out and met new friends who admired your pole moves, and were fortunate enough to share their table.

Party till you drop
Back home you know how to party and do it well. This trip has been in the works for months and it’s finally coming to light! You and eight friends are flying in from Seattle, New York, Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Last time you were in Vegas, you all ended up at Empire Afterhours, but that club has since closed. You all love the Vegas nightlife and can’t wait to check out new clubs in Vegas. Yes, this is a bachelorette party and you are here to party!

4:00pm Pole Dancing Party at Fawnia’s Pole Fitness Studio. You take photos as you and your friends learn a fun pole dancing and lap dancing routine; skills everyone should know. Bride received a free “I Love Pole Dancing” tank top, and a few ladies bought one for themselves. Following the party you buy a pole and a set of instructional DVDs. The learning doesn’t have to stop when the party ends!

7:00pm Dinner at Dicks Last Resort inside the Excalibur Hotel. You get insulted by the waiting staff, which is the attraction of the joint. Your friends laugh harder than ever, and enjoy great food.

9:00pm You all pile into your VIP booth at Thunder from Down Under and enjoy Australia’s sexiest all-male review. These men make sure you get exactly what you came for. And the Aussie imports make good on their promises, giving you and your group a feast of flesh and fantasy the Greek Gods would be proud of.

11:30pm Arrive by Limo to The Luxor Hotel and rock the dance floor at LAX. Roaming 26,000 square feet of party space is a club goer’s paradise, and you know just how to party. The music is perfect and so are your new dance moves (minus the striptease).

2:30am You are approached by a club host who invites your group to come to Noir, LAX’s exclusive club. Entering through a private entrance, you dig the unique dance tunes that are almost as memorable as their martini’s. Noir offers a unique cocktail experience with each concoction created to suit your tastes of the moment; whether that be a sweet treat or something a little more bold. You decide to try their world famous Peanut Butter and Jelly Martini.

4:00am The club is closing and the buzz is to move the party to Drai’s afterhours. Ok, let’s go! Sliding back into the limo, with a few extra friends, you make the short journey to Bills Casino and Hotel where the ever famous Drais afterhours is rocking! The lineup is a nightmare for anyone that doesn’t know anyone, but you know host Christian Hicks. Mention his name at the door quickly sends him over, and approves you and your ladies walk in like rock stars. Note: “Know someone” at the door everyone club and save hours waiting in line.

9:00am It’s Sunday morning and you walk out of the casino blinded by what feels like a sun 10 times brighter than the one back home. Time to go back to your hotel and sleep? Well that choice is up to you.

There are three options at this point: 

  1. Get Ready for a day at MGMs Wet Republic
  2. Head straight to Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge (formally Seamelss Afterhours)
  3. Rest because you are human and may die. 

Let’s take a look at Vegas Day Life

Ladies you will love MGM Grand’s Wet Republic ultra pool. This adult only playground is a magnet for party goers, the glitterati and celebrities from around the globe. Dance under the sun to world renown DJs, or chill on a chaise lounge or day bed or book a cabana or an exclusive VIP bungalow. Wet Republic has quickly become the hot spot for daytime partying and lounging. Wade in their eight pools, soak your dancing feet in their hot tub or play a little volleyball with new friends. Both their drink and food menu makes this day time party which never ends, the best daylife experience.

Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge never stops so why should you? Strip club by day and afterhours at night, you can party till you drop (which some people do). Deja Vu Erotic Ultra Lounge is dressed in lavish leathers, rich dark woods and a vintage $250000 Baccarat chandelier hovers above their circular exotic dance stages. During the daylight hours, beautiful exotic dancers and go-go dancers entertain you on two large stages. At 4:00am it’s afterhours as their DJs increase the beats per minute, and raise the stripper runway into ceiling. Be prepared to see the dancers working while the after party is at its peak. A mix of party goers and strippers under one roof makes an interesting party stew as they dance next to each other. One spends the money while the other gladly takes it.

Day time in Las Vegas is a tourist’s time of rest. Returning back your hotel, “the walk of shame”, with your heels in hand. Enter your hotel and quickly close those heavy thick curtains. Damn that sun. You can hear the ringing in your ears, almost like music. In fact at this point the hum of the bathroom fan founds strangely like music. You know you did Vegas right when you took this path. In your home town, can you party like a rock star from club to club?

Las Vegas is constantly reinventing itself. One of the latest clubs to already conquer the party scene is the highly anticipated “Haze” located inside the incredible Aria Hotel in Vegas’ brand new City Center. From the clubs layout, sound system and lights, Haze Nightclub is a colossal cutting-edge space in which guests will be challenged to question their sense of perception and reality. The main dance floor will peer up at a stunning wall of interactive projection screens stretching one hundred feet across on a performance structure where impromptu acts by world-renowned artists regularly take place. Suede walls and plush surfaces help define the beautiful weaving interior, including a unique two-story wall of lights incorporating the latest in technology coupled with a one-of-a-kind sound system designed by John Lyons 4Systems. Designed by award-winning interior design firm, ICRAVE, the nightclub features large hanging props over the entryway that will draw guests to a grand staircase transporting them to the mezzanine level where they will enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the action below. You have to visit Haze. Book your pole dancing party with us and we will put you on Haze VIP list. Trust us, you don’t want to wait in line.

Partying in Las Vegas is and should be a unique experience, just as your pole dancing party will be. We are looking forward to being an the highlight to your Vegas vacation as you get VIP status when booking your pole dancing party with Pole Fitness Studio!

Call us make your reservation and get free VIP club entry, plus options for limo and bottle service, plus male revue tickets.
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Pole Fitness Studio VIP Experience

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